Monday, May 5, 2008

Episode CX: “Road Rash!”

Friday – found me at 5:40pm taking shots in my kitchen and making a drink. I had every intention of staying home and just vegging. So me and Kelly are sitting on the couch drinking then around eight I run out of smokes so we come up with the plan that Kelly will ride her bicycle and I will sit on the handlebars and we will go up to the gas station. The entire trip through the neighborhood was hysterical and both of could not keep from laughing but we made it to the main road and decided it was safer to walk then ride next tot the cars. So on the way back when we get into the neighborhood we try to repeat ourselves the problem is neither one of us can stop laughing long enough to maintain our balance. Shoot Kelly can’t even hold herself and the bike up. So after several attempts and near death experiences she decides to walk while I ride. Then we meet up with two guys on mini motor bikes and she catches a ride with one of them. Once we get back to the house the other guy is determined to get me on his bike so I agree to go for a quick ride. It was fun then we get back to the house because I have no intention of actually hanging out with these guys when it’s clear they just want a booty call. Well Kelly goes back out for a ride and apparently ends up crashing and come home with an injury on her hand so even she gives up but the guys continue to buzz the house and knock on the door trying to get us to come out and play. Well ten o’clock finds both of us passed out on the couch.

Now Road Rash is what I text when I am completely wasted – which is what happened on Saturday.

“S” came over around nine and we took some shots and had a drink and Kelly drove us to the bar at ten. I proceeded to get my drink on had fun (wore jeans instead of a mini skirt). I am 98% sure it was Dimond who gave me a ride home sometime around 2:30 announced to Kelly when I got home that I was drunk apparently sent out a drunk text which I have no record of on my phone and don’t remember sending. Sunday found me trying to sleep it off. Got out of the house Sunday night to go clean and then came home and went to bed.

So that’s about it for my weekend – how was everyone else’s?

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