Wednesday, May 6, 2009

OMG! I Had A Girlie Moment

OK so last Sunday was one of the happiest days of my life – I reverted to being totally girlie and romantic and shit. So I won’t post the details of my weakness. I will just say it was a great night and leave it at that. However with this new development comes emotional issues that I will have to deal with but I will be taking that one day at a time.

On a side note I am wearing my cute yellow high heel shoes today so I feel fabulously adorable.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


OMG! Seriously first our day started off by me being out of bed before 10 AM which is unheard of for a Saturday. Then we went and helped move a house for four hours then we all went over to Lexie and Todd’s for a BBQ. We were having a great time drinking and sitting in the sun. Well my Cabana Boy got really drunk really fast like in a two hour span of time and passed out on the couch and then woke up two hours later needing to pee. He then proceeded to go down stairs (we assume that he was trying to get outside) but before he could make it he let lose in the hallway. Needless to say since I invited him I was upset and of course blamed myself. Everything worked out alright in the end but Cabana Boy is grounded for the time being. Not that he ready to face anyone at this moment he couldn’t even look at me directly. Can’t says I blame him that would be so embarrassing. However if this had been me that this happened too I think the first thing that would have went through Alexis’s mind is “Awesome ammo for the rest of her life” it just goes to show you that your true friends will always love you no matter what. Besides they could never get rid of me I’m way too cute.


OK so I actually did it I went home and did some gardening. I got some new soil and planted seeds (Although I really think the seed companies totally jip you in the amount of the seeds that come in each pack) I mean really do they come with a money back guarantee that if they don’t bloom you can call them up and they will replace the seeds or at least refund your money. Sorry I digress. Anyway so right now I have a pretty little patch of fresh dirt. I’m so excited but I am keeping my hopes low about them actually blooming because I have a bad history with plants in the past.

Friday, May 1, 2009

It's a B-E-A-U-tiful DAY!

OK so here is the plan for today. Get off work then go to Home Depot and get some gardening stuff and do some gardening. Yeah that’s right and those of you that know me – know that for me to “Get Dirty” is the first sign of the apocalypse – so hopefully I will make it through this with out anything ICKY happening but I have to get out in the sun because it’s driving me crazy and I have ants in my pants with the thought of sitting here waiting to be out in it.

Seriously I hope the rest of the summer is a good as today.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

This Weekend

So this weekend I have plans to go out to the valley and party with Kelly and Travis. We plan on drinking and hanging out on Saturday night. But Kelly has threatened me with physical activity on Sunday. She says we are going sledding. I asked her if this meant that she would be driving me to the top of the hill and then I can sled down and then she can drive me back up again because that sounds like fun. But alas she says I will have to walk up the hill to sled back down. So I ask you “Does that even remotely sound like something I would find fun?” Well we will see what happens.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Episode – WHATEVER! I Can’t Keep Track Of The Roman Numerals Anymore.

Seriously though it’s been forever since I posted a blog. I’ve been busy and well frankly haven’t felt like posting anything. But I am going to try this again.

So last week I was taking my trash out and was stopped at the curb by a guy that lives down the street from me. I didn’t recognize him but he said his name was Andre (and what a fine looking black man he is). Anyway the following is the conversation that followed:

Andre: “Hi”
Me: “Hi” – a little nervously because I have never met this neighbor before.
Andre: “You don’t remember me do you?”
Me: “I’m sorry you look familiar but I can’t say that I do.”
Andre: “Awhile back (and he meant almost a year ago) you were coming home from the bar and you took a cab home but the cab driver dropped you off at my house and I told him you didn’t live there but that I knew where you lived and that I would take you home because I didn’t trust the cab guy he was kind of shady.”

At this point I am beginning to think this guy is mental because I have never been dropped off at the wrong house.

Me: “I don’t remember that are you sure it was me?”
Andre: “yeah you were wearing a jean mini skirt and I walked you home and even used your keys to unlock the door and as soon as I did you fell into the house on the living room floor and there is where you stayed I felt bad about leaving you but you were home and appeared to be safe so I left.”

Imagine my chagrin when I realize the last time I wore that skirt was the very first night in my life I have ever blacked out. I’m pretty sure I turned beet red.

Me: “Oh yeah I remember NOT remember that night, well thanks for saving me from the creepy cabby.”
Andre: “no problem I just thought I would introduce myself and tell you I’m Andre.”
Me: “Nice to meet you, next time I have a BBQ I will be sure to invite you and introduce you to all my friends as Andre the guy that saved me.”

At this point he drove down the street to his house (which I can see from my living room window but honestly the cabby had been way off). So I go rushing back into the house to call Alexis and tell her that you know it was a bad night when strangers still remember what happened to you and you don’t.

On a side note I love my neighbors they are awesome to me!