Wednesday, January 26, 2011


So I am taking some pictures to Walmart to have them printed - they shouldn't have a problem printing this photo for me - RIGHT? (yes this is an old picture from a couple years ago during my ethiopian looking days.)

I am wearing more then I do out at Big Lake in the summer. So I should be good to go.

Also I just got my iphone in the mail yesterday and I plan on getting it activated tomorrow - I had to have Mells Bells setup my itunes account because I am just not that savy when it comes to that crap. I am already thinking that this iphone thing might be to much phone for me. Like that one commercial when that fuzzy orange thing passes out after touching that one phone - that will be me. Although it will be nice to take pictures and send them to my self since I don't have a digital camera anymore to use. I am sensing alot of random blogging in my future.

Friday, January 21, 2011

This Week

So this week started off below zero - this SUCKED it shouldn't physically hurt when you go outside but it did. So now it is warmer and I am feeling better about that.

I went over to Lexie's house this week and I stopped by to get some dinner at the Ghetto Carrs and some JackAss totally blocked my drivers side door which required me to crawl in and over from the passenger side - I almost stopped and pee-ed on his wheels but it was still to cold to do that.

I have taken on the job of becoming Lexie's personal assistant / accountant. So this should be fun but I will have her straightened out in no time.

Mom added me to her family plan so now I am getting an iphone - woohoo! I finally get to upgrade from my fabulously outdated Krazor which I love but it is falling apart. So WARNING I will be able to take pictures and send them to everyone - the possiblities are ENDLESS! Are you scared - well you should be.

Currently I don't have any big plans for the weekend - I am going to be working some overtime and I am currently totally engrossed in the newest Dan Brown book so I plan on working and reading all weekend.

Monday, January 10, 2011


Who gets supremely drunk that they throw up that night and then again two more times the next day - when they are out BOWLING of all things?

We all know I am a special kind of stupid but geez!

Anyway - hope everyone else had an easier weekend then I did - and if you were wondering no it did not help my bowling score being drunk and my bowling fingers hurt.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

So here is what the kitchen looks like now. Isn't it fabulous - I am totally in love with it. I think it is very posh. I am holding off on doing the rest until I can get my new TV and then I will repaint that wall as well. Plus since Pucky is spending today at the vet because she has not been feeling very well I am waiting to make sure I have the money to pay to get her back before going on and doing anything else.

The Last Two Weeks

So this is what my kitchen use to look like - so over the Christmas holidays I took some time off and redid the painting. It was horrible it took forever. Now this first picture was taken during the day so it looks brighter but it is still bright in there now.