Monday, April 28, 2008

Episode CVIII: “Since I am Feeling Unloved by My Friends”

I am posting another blog.

This one is about a conversation I had the other day with my neighbor from across the street. It was after work last week and I was at home watching TV and it was about that time when the sun comes shining in through the window in my front door and right into my eyes – I hate this especially when I am trying to watch TV I keep my house so dark my friends call it the cave – that’s right I have my own Bat Cave (I know you all are jealous). Anyway so I stepped outside to do the ghetto fabulous thing of hanging a towel over the door to block the window and my neighbor was outside and flat out asked me what I was doing. I explained my reasons. To which he replied “Oh – I thought it was something else” at which point he proceeds to tell me that back in his college days hanging something on your front door was a sign to your roommate that you were occupied and they were not to come in.” To which I replied “I don’t give my roommates warnings like that let them walk in on something I dare them! Besides if I were to do something like that I would simply post a huge ass sign on the door saying “I’M GETTING LAID – STAY OUT!” I mean really why try to be coy about it. On a side note if he thought that is really what it meant then how rude of him to stop and chat me up when I might possibly be about to get some – HOW RUDE.

Still it did get me wondering what the other neighbors thought it meant.

Episode CVII: “Death to the Weatherman!”

Friday, April 25, 2008

OK so Wednesday the temperature was down right warm at least for us Alaskans. Thursday it was a little chillier but still a relatively nice day I even wore peek-a-boo sandal type shoes. Then this morning it was suppose to rain today but I decided to wear a single strap pair of sandals today on the way to work there were a couple of flurries mixed in with the rain – OK I though well that sucks but not to bad. By ten this morning it was all out snowing and by lunch time I was out brushing my car off in an inch of snow while my piggy toes protested violently. Now at three this afternoon there is about 4 inches on the ground and slightly more on the cars and it shows no signs of stopping. I might even leave 30 mins early from work today. It’s the bloody end of April people this is ridiculous I should sue!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

UPDATE! It snowed a total of 18 inches yesterday that’s was just in one day. This morning the world is white and the dog disappeared off the back porch into a snow bank. It was deep enough to lose Yoda (a pug) but you could see where he had been by the movement of the trench. Kelly thinking this was funny decided the cat really needed to experience it as well and the next thing there is a black blur of cat flying out the back door into the snow and then the cat propelled himself back into the house in a matter of seconds.

Monday, April 28, 2008

2ND UPDATE! Well over the last couple of days most of the snow has melted off, there is only about two inches hanging around on the ground but the roads are clear. Weatherman expects all snow to have melted off by weekend – I might even get back into my sandals by the end of the week.

Thursday picture everything brown and no snow really to be seen except in shady areas and then this picture below was taken on Saturday. INSANE!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Episode CVI: “I am still alive.”

Well yes I am still functioning I have been really busy with the new business and of course my weekend shenanigans. Not to mention busy with my regular job as well. Last Friday I embarrassed myself with an emotional display at the bar – but I’m over it now and hoping no one will remember.

Current Residence of my house is as follows. ME – Kelly and Melody and Mikey will be back sometime this weekend. I have good intentions of cleaning my house thoroughly this week since I clean everyone else’s it’s time I looked toward the home front. I mean clean too like spring cleaning so much so I don’t think there will be any partying this weekend and if I do end up going out it will be an alcohol free weekend. My body needs a break apparently. I am experiencing a pain in my back right side – I have come to the conclusion that it is not my back but maybe something to do with my Kidney (like a stone – that would suck) or better yet I could be getting shingles again that was fun last time. So pretty much to much stress in my life right now. All is relatively good though. I promise to get back on the blogging horse this next month.