Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Episode LXXI: “Boogada Boogada AH AH AH!”

Well Happy Halloween to everyone. Sorry for the delay in the blogging it’s been kind of hectic and I wasn’t really feeling it.

Here is my question do you believe in premonitions? I do my family has had some pretty strange things happen that lead me to believe in them. So with this in mind I tell everyone that everything is going to be just ducky for me.

Lately I have been catching up on some well needed sleep and just relaxing. I did have a slight melt down on Friday and actually ran away from my own house – is that weird? Have you ever just had the urge to just be by yourself? Well I did Friday. I needed to get away and think I tried to run to my happy place – which is Big Lake because I am always happy when I am out there – however the Big Lake Motel is under remodel and I couldn’t get a room so I had to back track to Wasilla and checked into the Best Western Lake Lucille Inn. I have been to this hotel before so I knew that the suites had a Jacuzzi tub. Well I did it I splurged on a two room suite. It seriously took nearly 45 minutes to fill the tub up because it’s a double but once it was I grabbed my Bacardi Razz and sprite and hopped in and relaxed watching TV (YO Harry Potter) it was the best then I was in bed early and up the next morning at 9:30 am. I woke up and did that whole Disney thing of whipping the curtains open and the view was astounding. One of the sun shiniest days we have had in a while and the lake was mostly frozen over and white and the mountains in the background – I really do love this state. Suddenly my state of mind changed and I was having a really darn good day (impressive considering I am not normally even technically alive at that time in the morning on a weekend). So I drove home and I have been good ever since.

So yes I am still alive and no I have not started my hibernation yet. Hope everyone else is all good – much love.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Episode LXX: “Simon says – WAKE UP!”

In 89 days it will have been exactly 5 years that I have lived up here in Anchorage (that is so surreal). When I first moved up here I didn’t know anyone and I had no family close by. (I have a grandfather out in Palmer – who I just met when I first moved up here and I had an aunt that lived out in Kenai) For the most part though I was on my own. I had never lived on my own either. So after spending the first couple weeks scared out of my mind in my house trying to get use to the noises I asked the people that I work with to look after me. For some reason I had this irrational fear of me dying alone (which wouldn’t be so bad) but if that happened I was afraid that Pucky would starve to death before anyone realized I was gone.

Now I have never done a “no call, no show” ever in my life. So I told the people I work with that and said that if I was ever more then 30 minutes late and had not called in to call me and if I did not respond in a timely manner to come over to my house and look for me because I am probably dead. Now I have been late and sometimes I have forgotten to change my alarm clock or to set it. However my body usually wakes me up about ten minutes before I have to be to work (usually in panic mode) this function works on the weekends too when I am still asleep and not sure what day of the week it is. This usually gives me enough time to call in and say I am going to be late.

However two weeks ago my alarm didn’t go off and my body didn’t wake me up. So work called me at home 30 minutes after my shift should have started and woke me up. I panic barely got dressed I was so upset I would have totally ran out of the house naked. Now further investigations revealed that my alarm clock was possessed. Now I knew this since it would randomly go off for no reason in the middle of the night or if my cell phone got a message or a call, but it never had not gone off when it was suppose too. So alarm clock was fired. However I was too broke then to go out and buy a new one so I continued to use it while also using my cell phone as a back up because that was not happening again, EVER!

Well to the point of my story – last night I went out and purchased a new alarm clock. When you first get an alarm clock even if you test it the first couple of nights your always worried about it not going off or not going to be loud enough. So last night I set it up but didn’t test it because I figured my backups would be good if it didn’t work. So I set my cell phone and a travel alarm clock both of which are fairly soft alarms they both sort of just annoy you until you wake up. This morning I woke up to what sounded like a direct signal from the system Vega right into my brain. “Simon says get up – NOW!” Of course I jump out of my skin and start flailing about for the snooze button, once I finally get it turned off the other ones start going off. Now I like to snooze plus I was so confused that I couldn’t figure out how to turn anything off. So I snoozed them all and dozed back off. Then again they went off this happened for almost and hour (needless to say my bed companions (dogs, cat, boy) were not real pleased). Oh well I know that I won’t be late again.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Episode LXIX: “Hey Where Did Everybody GO!”

Well my weekend was good in the long run.

Friday – Well it just sucked – but my girl Lexie was there to save me and brought me over a care package – which included rum and soon everything was just SWELL.

Saturday – I started my evening out by getting dressed up formally to attend a Breast Cancer Charity Ball (I was joined by Lexie and Melody) it was cool the food was awesome ( I am all over that cream sauce). Then we left there and Me and Mel made a quick debut at Kootz in our lovely finery and I do me quick it was the shortest time I have ever spent at Kootz. I however did go home and change and then go back there in the comfort of Yellow Cab. I hung out with my boys in the Swing Bar until they opened – they are trying to get me a job there doing some MIC work (you know hollering at the crowd and pumping everyone up) but that is not all I would have to do and they waited until I was drunk – to lay this one on me. I would also be the cage dancer for the R & B side. Yep that’s right – Shiny! I tried to back peddle my way out saying my body was not good enough for that but they weren’t going for it then I said I didn’t have anything to wear and they mentioned a clothing allowance. (I’ll admit – that got me – until I sobered up the next day – then I was like “What the Hell was I thinking”) Anyway! Thank the powers that be that I didn’t turn the application in that night like I was going too. Serves me right for going there with out my backup.

Well Poppy, Mark and I went back to my house to party and we left Kootz before 11:00. Then we waited on the others to join us which they did about 1:15 am. Then we continued to party all night long. Finally we put in the Transformer movie in at 7:30 am and Poppy and I were passed out on the couch in 15 mins. I woke up at 9 am and looked around wondering where everyone else had gone until I found a note in my kitchen saying they left. Damn – sneaky people. So I retired up to my room and slept until 1 pm. Then we just chilled most of the day on Sunday.

Over the course of Friday Night through Sunday Night I managed to (partially) watch Transformers 4 times. I think I have memorized the movie – but it is an awesome movie.

MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE - I will reign victorious for many years to come.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Episode LXVIII: “I think I can I think I can!”

OK so I just had a run in with the bionic staple “The Force Is Strong With This One”. It was a long battle and I was starting to get tired and sweaty but I persevered and won out in the end. That staple really just didn’t want to go in the trash. It had become one with the paper but it was no match (OK maybe a little) for me and the jaws of my bright pink staple remover.

Pink my new signature color.

Last night we went bowling and I was using the ugly green ball the guys were using and I was sucking so bad you could have named me Hoover. Finally I decided that I was doing so crappy because the ball was just not girlie enough for me. So I went on a quest (which turned out to be almost as perilous as Atreyu trying to save fantasia). I however had my lucky charm (Atreyu had the Orrin) in the form of my Grandpa’s Navy coat and therefore was able to locate a light 10 pound BRIGHT ASS PINK ball and then I even bowled a couple of strikes.

Moral of this story: If I have any pink – stand back because I am unstoppable!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Episode LXVII: “It’s about that time!”

That’s right the moment you all have been waiting for – picture from hoed Up night!
That’s right we are still the hotness.
And that's all you get folks!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Episode LXVI: “I Have The BLACK PLAGUE!”

It has to be that because no normal cold should be able to survive the amount of alcohol I have been drinking. I was so not feeling well on Friday I had this major cold. So I went home and went to bed at 6:00 and slept until 10 then the dogs woke me up to go outside then I was up for about three hours and then I went back to bed at 1 and slept in until noon. It was fabulous. Then I laid around the house on day Saturday and then got ready for the party Saturday night – I made Chicken Cheese Enchilada’s that were pretty darn good if I do say so myself. Most people started showing up around 8:30 to 9:00 and then most of them left at like 10:45 to go to the bar. But it was me, Mikey, Mel and Marcella then Marcella left to go out and me and Mikey proceeded to get down to the Backstreet Boys and Insync – yep that’s right we have no shame we even got Mel to dance a little with us. Well they left at around 11:30 and I stayed and waited for the 2nd group of people to come. They showed up around midnight and we continued to party and when the bars closed down Tammy and Marcella came back in and joined us for a bit and finally I had to kick everyone out at 4:30 because I was done. All and all not a bad party and I got to just chill on Sunday. Back to work and the everyday grind today.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Drunk Blogging!

Not a good conbo! But I am doing it anyway - so yeah chillin at my house it's a pre party for this Saturday! YeeHaw!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Episode LXV: “It’s COLD!”

Seriously I had a great night last night so today nothing can burst my bubble.

Had steak last night – it was awesome! I am turning into a fabulous cook – it’s kind of scary actually.

So that is all folks – this is Suzy homemaker signing off.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Episode LXIV: “Holy CRAP Batman!”

So my blog came to me in my dreams last night and said “YO! Post something before I get all moldy!”

Seriously it has been a busy week. Still no pictures from Hoed Up Night. Sam has moved out and Melody has moved in. Friday found me hanging out at Lexie’s house for a bit getting in my girl time – it was cool lets just say that lots of talking and giggling. A little bit of dress up – that’s right Keri in pink hoe boots and pink lingerie – maybe photos will be posted of that too – MAYBE. Then I went home and before I could go to bed I got a phone call from some friends that wanted to come hang out for a bit to escape some drama. So they ended up hanging out for 3 hours it was really chilled especially since I had all my furniture shoved into the kitchen and dining room because I had my carpets cleaned Friday afternoon. So we sort of threw a blanket down and vegged.

Saturday Melody woke me up at 1:00 pm which was awesome because I needed to get up anyway. So we got together and moved her stuff from the storage place and into my house. Then I proceed to clean like a fiend and right now the only room not clean is the down stairs bathroom I will get to that later. So major moving and then up all night cleaning and then I went to bed at like 4:00am then got up on Sunday to go to work.

Sunday got off of work at 8:15pm and then went to help Mac move – had slight problem with lift gate on the work truck had to call Lance to come rescue me. He fixed it but we had been standing outside for a couple hours and I was chilled to the bone. Went home and took the hottest shower I could stand just to warm up. Yep – winter is here and I am not happy about it.

Lets talk about all the moving I have helped with since I started this blog (go ahead and check back to Memorial Day weekend). Tons! I have bruises all over my body that I don’t remember getting and when you are as white as me they look even worse not to mention I get that red splotchy look when I get cold. So not attractive. Anyway tonight is dinner at my house with a possible mention of helping Mac again tonight if he needs it.

Dinner Menu: I crave red meat! NOW!

Monday, October 1, 2007

Episode LXIII: “Hoed Up Doin Big Thangs!”

Well let’s see Wednesday night or more accurately Thursday morning 1:30 am found me sitting in the Anchorage International Airport waiting for Melissa’s plane to arrive. I met her outside of security and escorted her to the baggage claim to get her bags. Drove home and threw her into the room and went to bed and was asleep by 2:30 am. Worked Thursday morning and then ended up not going in to BB&B on Thursday night because “was so tired needed nap” so that night we hung out at the house and got some drink on – welcome back to Alaska Melissa this is now the party house. Went to bed at around 4:00 am Friday morning and then woke up to go to work. Dragged my butt around all day and then went home and took a nap woke up just as people started to get to my house for the party. No cooking for Keri I opted out and ordered pizza. We all left from my house around 11:00 to go to Kootz and then I ended up leaving and going home at 12:30 (Yes I left Melissa there with a note for her cab driver as to how to get to my house and my phone number.

12:30 – Get home go to bed.
1:30 – Get a phone call that the guy I left in charge of Melissa was kicked out of the bar because he lost his license in the bar so he was worried about her so he called me. I had a lot of people I knew there so I wasn’t worried about her.
2:45 – Get phone call from cab driver, he can’t find the place and I have to verbally tell him how to get there – I think I should have charged him.
3:30 Melissa gets home and I proceed to completely pass out now that everyone is where they are suppose to be.

I finally got to sleep in until like 1:30 in the afternoon – IT WAS SO AWESOME! I haven’t been able to do that in weeks. At 2:00 we had to run some errands and swing by a Halo party (I stole some fish) and then we finally get back to the house at like 4:30 and then we start getting ready for dressed up night out at 5:30 left house headed back to Halo party (pretended I was hired stripper for the boys since I was dressed like one). Then left them engrossed in the game we barely even phased them. Then headed over to Dallas’s house to say good-bye to Debbie since she is leaving the state today. Then ended back up at my house at 8:00 – proceeded to get our drink on at the house and then called a cab to go downtown to Platinum Jaxx. (Melissa left her ID at the house I made her cab back by herself to get it) So it was me, Melissa and Poppy and we met Lance and Celeste there and then Marcella and Michelle showed up and we all looked awesome in our black dresses or skirts (we really need to do that more often). Then we hung out and then Melissa, Poppy and Me went to Kootz and met up with Mel and then Alexis and Bri Bri showed up and so did Mac and Tippin. We continued to get our drink on and close down the bar. I was DJ Lefty’s personal dancer and spent most of my night up in the DJ booth getting my dance on.

We all got back to the house all 6 of us at about 3:15 and then continued to party and then Mac and Tippin left (I think they might have walked home) at about 5:00am I was in bed and asleep by 6 and then up and awake by 11:30 then we decided to get our Betty Crocker on and I made breakfast (scrambled eggs, sausage, hash browns and Melissa made pancakes). Then we proceeded to lounge around the house all day then I made dinner and I took Melissa to the airport at 11:00 pm Sunday night and then went home and went to bed.

So all in all a good weekend “Big Thangs” and now Melissa really wants to move up here.