Monday, October 25, 2010


OK since the last time I posted this is what has happened.

Saturday 16th – Had a jewelry party at Alexis’s but she wok my butt up early so that I could go and get a 6 foot Uncle Fester statue thingy from Courtney’s house. So in my jammies I ran over there and loaded up this monster into my jeep and then went back home to get ready to go over to Lexie’s – arrived early at Lexie’s and helped her setup for the party then I had to bail out at 5PM to head out to the valley for Seamus’s 1st birthday party. Was out there for a couple hours and then headed back in to town mean while Uncle Fester kept unnerving me staring at me while I drove. So went over to Lexie’s boyfriends house to drop him off and have a nice soak in his hot-tub. Then went home.

The work week was insanely busy and I am still trying to get caught up – but since they laid off the receptionist it’s probably only going to get busier at work.

Friday 22nd – Went and had my haired colored (THAT”S RIGHT NO MORE BLONDE) my hair is now dark brown with a couple of blonde highlight on the top. I will post a picture when I can get one.

Saturday 23rd – Went over to Mama Jenn’s house had dinner and curved a pumpkin which looks way more fun then it actually is my hand started to cramp up.

Which bring me to now. I am going to go home soon.

P.S. I have had several compliments on my new hair color everyone likes it better and is saying I look better and younger even so that’s all GOOD!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Weird and Strangeness!

I have been having very unusual dreams lately I know they are weird but I can’t really seem to hang on to them long enough after I wake up to delve into their possible deeper meanings.

“It hovers on the edge of my mind right at the edge of the blackness popping in and out of thought as if to tease me that it has a secret and it’s not going to let me in on the joke until it’s had the first laugh.”

Thursday, October 7, 2010

No I Am Not Dead!

Just SUPER busy at work! So in parting I will leave you with this picture of a "Baby PUCKY" she is like twelve times that size now and seriously gray! And YES her mothers name was Piglet - so hold the ROLL-O comments from the peanut gallery - she is absolutly adorable just the way she is.