Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Episode LXII: “Pucky looks OK but your tarter sauce doesn’t”

HA! Anyway – so I am more awake today but I have made the decision to put in my two weeks with BB&B I can’t keep working these hours it is wreaking havoc on my body, I was so tired yesterday I must have ran into 20 different things including a support beam and the coffee pot shelves have totally had it out for me since I started there. So once I decided this a big weight was lifted and I totally feel tons better. I have a little something, something going on the side that if it all works out I will let you all know. (NO I AM NOT SELLING ANYTHING ILLEGAL)

Melissa gets in tomorrow night and then this weekend we have big things planned and there will be pictures to post this time too. It’s going to be one long weekend with all the things I have to go to Saturday especially but there will be drinking and so there will be stories to tell.

PS – I have not been on MySpace in awhile because I am currently mad at GCI so I didn’t pay them but I think they have won the battle because I can’t go any longer without my internet – it’s driving me crazy.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Episode LXI: “Just Shoot Me NOW!”

Man did I have one hell of a weekend. Friday morning I woke up and went to work from 8 to 5 and then got off and then went home and made my Beer Batter Halibut (which was awesome I might add – you may have noticed there were no smoke signals). Melody and Marcella came over to eat and then Melody went home and Marcella, Me and Poppy went out we started at Platinum Jaxx and were there by 8:30 hung out there until about 10 ish (apparently we missed Tammy and Tool and everyone). We then moved over to the Last Frontier and hung out there for an hour. Then we were going to meet someone at the River City Bar or something in Eagle River – so we drove out there and felt so out of place because me and Marcella were all dressed up for downtown bar hopping and Poppy was of course all ganstered out. Everyone else at this hole in the wall bar was dressed in jeans and hoodies and it was mostly a bunch of country boys. Normally this would not bother me because the Last Frontier is the same way and I feel at home there. But then Poppy made a comment to me and Marcella about being our pimp and being a man he wasn’t seeing the looks these guys were giving us we have never felt like pieces of meat before (only one other time was I this uncomfortable at a bar). Then the person we were supposed to meet didn’t show up in time so we totally bailed after like 20 minutes. So on the way back into town we get a call from Lexie and also Melody and we decide to meet everyone at Kootz. When we get there it is about midnight and the line is so long it’s down the front and around the side of the building. This doesn’t faze me because we all know I don’t have to wait in line. So we walk past and when I got the front door I almost had to throw down on this one girl who had a VIP line pass ticket and she said that even VIP’s had to wait in the line that night – So I gave her the “Oh really? Keri look” and proceeded to walk past her while Poppy and Marcella waited out front and of course the bouncer was like hey and go on in. So when we walked past the girl – I couldn’t help but smile. Normally I am not like that but she didn’t have to say that too me in such a rude tone. Anyway we proceeded to close down the bar that night (On a side note: they were so under staffed for security and I have never seen so many people vomiting in one night in my life and that includes some outrageous house parties I have been too). One guy almost puked on my Ho Boots – lucky for him he missed other wise I would have escorted him out myself – needless to say he didn’t last too long. So we got home around 3:30am Saturday morning and I didn’t get to sleep until 5:00 am then I had to be up at 8:00 to be to work at 9. I worked until 5 and then planned on taking a nap because we had a show to go too that night.

Saturday night after I got off Tool met at the house at 6:00 pm so we could move a car (try steering a vehicle in neutral with it off and see what a work out for your arms this it). So by the time that was done I had to start getting ready for the night (NO NAP FOR KERI). Left the house at 8:00 and we were at Club O by 10:15 for the Arctic Flow Show (which was awesome by the way). Well we stayed at the club until about 1:30 and then ended up at a house and then were going to go to another house but then ended up coming back to house number one. So I got many compliments for being such a cool chick and designated driver. However at 5:30 am Sunday morning Cool Keri had left the building and was replaced by I’m getting tired and have to be up in a few hours Keri. So I finally made it to my bed at 7:00 am and had to get up at 10:00 am to go to work another eight hour day at BB&B didn’t get off until 7:00 pm. Got home and talked to Lexie on the phone for 45 minutes and then my mother and then finally passed out at 9:30 pm. Up at 7:30 and to work at 8:00 – still here and functioning but I also have to work tonight at BB&B until 10:00 pm then I have every intension of going home and passing out until 7:00 tomorrow morning and I will be repeating that schedule for tomorrow as well. Wednesday I just have to work 8 to 5 but Melissa comes in at like midnight so I will be going to the airport to pick her up I might have time to take a nap that day but I really have been slacking on the laundry thing only doing a load here and there and so I really just need to do that. So Thursday will be another 8 to 5 and 5:30 to 10 day and then it will be Friday and I will be having a get together at my house Friday night before heading out to the bar and then Saturday will be another night out – but at least I am off this weekend from BB&B. I guess what I am saying is that you might not be hearing from me until next Monday – don’t panic I am sure with next weekend it will be one heck of a post.

P.S. I’m not sure the second job is worth the $9.50 an hour they are paying me.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Episode XLXX: “I Think My Roman Numerals Might Be Screwed Up – OH WELL!”

OK so Girl’s Night has not happened yet it keeps being postponed, because I am a bad bad friend.

However tonight I might be cooking – I know scary thought. Very few of you can attest to baring witness to my little secret that I can actually cook – I choose not too most of the time and when I feel I have too I tend to make something that comes out of a box from Costco. However when I put my mind to it and have no other distractions (I have bad cooking ADD) I tend to lay out a good meal and I totally don’t burn it. Tonight it’s Beer Batter Halibut Chunks and made be even home made fries. However if for some reason I do get distracted I will send out a smoke signal in the form of my house burning down – those of you in Seattle will be informed as well by the smoke clogged air that will no doubt fill your skies causing anyone with breathing problems to lock themselves in the house for days. I apologize now for any inconvenience!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Episode XLXIX: “Girl’s Night!”

Oh My Goodness! It is girl’s night – the three amigo’s are back in action – I am so excited. I will be dining and drinking it up at Casa De Lexie’s and we will be pigging out on Mexican Food and drinking Margarita’s and I will be crashing over there and then driving home in the morning to make it to work. Should be interesting! Maybe there will be pictures to post too. I might even suffer a bout of “PantsPullUpettes!” Stand back old women who lives upstairs above Lexie your worst nightmare has come to your apartment building – I can so take you!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Episode XLXVIII: “Giggles!”

Well folks I have the giggles today. I am finding the oddest things really funny. Lance has already had to suffer for my amusement. At least he is glad that his miserable day is funny to me and he was able to lift my spirits. No really he is not – he is only 30 minutes into his day and it’s only going to get worse. HA! I’m sorry I find this funny. I have to work tonight ad I don’t find that funny because my knee is just starting to feel better. It’s an old snow boarding injury from a few years ago (thanks Jaime) that would occasionally act up – however since I started the 2nd job it has been continuously hurting. So with this last weekend off it started to feel better. I’m too young to need a knee replacement yet.

UPDATE: So it is three hours into mine and Lance’s day and we are both wanting to kill people. I went out back into the shop in time to see Lance chucking pipe across the warehouse. I snickered and then made a run for it to the relative safety of my office – I guess I am just glad that I am not suffering alone.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Episode XLXVII: “Sweated my butt off in leather pants.”

So I made it over my emotional hump on Friday night and went to a going away party for Jenn on Saturday. Tammy got us a designated driver (Mikey your awesome) and so by the time they picked me up at my house to go out at 7:45 I had already downed 3 shots. I was all sorts of hoed out in my black leather pants and was looking so hot I wanted to do myself. Then we pull up to the Anchor and it’s just us three for a bit the party girl ends up showing up late to her own party. Then when everyone all showed up it ended up being about 20 people there (I had 2 more shots and two soda’s and a little bit of a pasta dish) then since Lexie and Mel were waiting for us at the Shed we headed over there and I got my dance on (that actually started at the Anchor) and had a “Trash Can” and got a glow in the dark bracelet. I also proceeded to leave my ATM card at that bar – I had to go back the next day to get it. Then since it wasn’t that busy at the Shed we decided to move to Kootz at which point I proceeded to have two more drinks (of something – don’t know Joe made them) and a half a shot of Taste the Rainbow. I did drink one bottle of water but at 1:20 I was drunk and tired and got a cab home to pass out in my own bed. I had a blast though and so have to do it again. Suffered a slight hang over on Sunday though was mostly laid up with this cold and then I met up with Staci and Tammy for dinner at the Moose’s Tooth and then went home and was asleep by ten.

Saturday night was awesome I got in some time with my boys Mikey and Tool who good naturedly let me grind up on them and Mikey became my permanent dance partner until I went home. Apparently I was oblivious to the attention from random guys and just brushed past them much to the annoyance of Lexie but hey – you can ask my mother I have been doing that for years. She use to enjoy walking behind me in the mall to watch people’s reaction to me and me not even paying attention – whatever. Sorry folks I’m not looking right now try back at another time.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Emotions sucks!

So as I sit here in the dark crying and drinking (I wonder if this means I'm a closet alcoholic - NAW - don't drink enough) so with the good emtions come the bad ones - so I am just chilling wondering what's wrong with me. Who knew! I miss my Grandpa and my girls in Seattle not to mention my family - I haven't been home in too long and when I do it will be weird that my Grandpa won't be there the slient steady rock that was my anchor. I have the whole weekend off from my second job so hopefully I can straighten myself out before Monday. Signing off maybe a another drunk post later in the evening to update all on my current status.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Episode XLXVI: “French Tickler – What about the man?”

Good Morning Sunshine’s! So I have kind of been in a funk lately hence the no blogging but I am all better now and I have returned to my happy place. You haven’t missed much pretty much the all the same stuff – going out and working. Saturday night had a blast – Lexie has a picture of me pulling down the front of my shirt and showing off my bra with Brian and Andrew next to me (it’s looks like Andrew might be grabbing my boob but I’m pretty sure there was no actual contact – since I was sober it’s my memory we will be trusting). I haven’t decided about posting the picture yet. Not sure I want you all to know me that well.

Anyway – I have this really fabulous cold that causes pieces of my brain to come flying out of my nose when I sneeze – however I did get the best sleep last night – I slept like a rock. It is the first time I remember dreaming in a few days (some crazy dream nothing exciting just weird). So all in all everything is peachy keen.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Episode XLXV: “The Theory of Relativity.”

Put your hands on a hot pan and a second can feel like an hour, put your hands on a hot man and an hour can feel like a second.

Such is the way time is at work. For some reason the lunch hour is never long enough and it just flies right by without so much as a phone call the next day. An hour at work and you feel like you have been there all day and everything is running in slow motion.

To bad I can’t get paid for sleeping then the time really flies – although I am trying to stay busy because that does seem to help.

Hope everyone’s day is going faster then mine.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Episode XLXIV: “First Chapter Meeting for: Phi Beta Kappa – I.V.C.”

So last night I went over to Alexis’s house to get some girl time in. When I got there I was given a home cooked meal and then I sat on one end of the couch and Mel on the other and then Lexie sat in the middle. We sat out there commiserating and watching C.S.I. reruns on the Spike channel. Meanwhile Bri Bri was hold up in the bedroom getting his school work done and pretty much leaving us girls to ourselves – I think he might have been a little scared. The night ended with a snuggle fest on Lexie’s bed. I was in bed relatively early for me. However some idiot keeps calling my phone (Private) in the middle of the night – if I don’t know the number and you are not programmed into my phone and you don’t have the decency to leave a message – I am so not going to answer your call or call you back. HOW RUDE!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Episode XLXIII: “I’m Broke, I’m Broke, I’m Broke”

So I am finally paying for the arrogance that is the American Dream that of the Credit Card. I recommend that if you don’t have one – never get one. I am so far in the hole that I can’t even see the daylight. It’s starting to affect everything. This slow burn that is my debt problem started years ago but came tumbling down at the first of the year. I am going to have to pick up more hours at work but I am not looking forward to that if I can just get caught up I know I can defeat this and with both jobs I can be on my feet again. All in all it’s been one lousy year and I can’t wait for it to be over. Hey anyone want to lend me a thousand dollars!

I am Faust and have made a deal with the devil aka Visa or MasterCard.