Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Episode CXII: “Melody Called Me A SADIST”

Which is not “ENTIRELY” true. But I have once again been elevated to the top of her stab list. Apparently she has never WAXED she is a pluck and shave kind of girl. So one night we got into a conversation about the benefits of waxing and she agreed to try it out. Now that I think back on it I should have sent her to a professional first, it being her first time and everything – it always hurts more when you do it yourself because you know when your going to pull therefore you know when the pain is coming. Well hind sight is 20/20. Anyway she did stick with it and didn’t chicken out but half way through she did have to drink a little courage to finish. Now how we managed to get wax all over the bathroom floor I am not rightly sure but it is worse then a bar bathroom and you almost feel like you want to wear shower shoes to walk in there. Here’s to a hair free world.

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Alayna said...

Oh man...I've tried waxing...I'm still a shave kind of girl. lol