Tuesday, May 5, 2009


OMG! Seriously first our day started off by me being out of bed before 10 AM which is unheard of for a Saturday. Then we went and helped move a house for four hours then we all went over to Lexie and Todd’s for a BBQ. We were having a great time drinking and sitting in the sun. Well my Cabana Boy got really drunk really fast like in a two hour span of time and passed out on the couch and then woke up two hours later needing to pee. He then proceeded to go down stairs (we assume that he was trying to get outside) but before he could make it he let lose in the hallway. Needless to say since I invited him I was upset and of course blamed myself. Everything worked out alright in the end but Cabana Boy is grounded for the time being. Not that he ready to face anyone at this moment he couldn’t even look at me directly. Can’t says I blame him that would be so embarrassing. However if this had been me that this happened too I think the first thing that would have went through Alexis’s mind is “Awesome ammo for the rest of her life” it just goes to show you that your true friends will always love you no matter what. Besides they could never get rid of me I’m way too cute.

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