Friday, July 8, 2011

Well My Parents Are Officially THOSE People

Mom and Don and the Three Danes Inn have officially started on their maiden voyage. Their blog is listed to the right under the blogs that I read. It really is rather funny I suggest you stop in and read it.

However my parents have offically become RVers! I think we can start calling them snow birds now and get away with it. Below is a picture that mom posted on her blog of Don driving and the all three danes riding SHOT GUN! You can barely see Rosie since she is the only black one in the bunch (eyeballs and teeth) but she is right next to Don she just sort of blends in - mom needs to get a flash on that there camera of hers.

This weekend I will be having my first BBQ of the year. It's going to be a busy weekend. After work today I have to go get all the food and then I still have to clean the house (especially since there is currently I queen size mattress residing in my living room) plus I have to do some pre-cooking and all that has to happen tonight.

Towmorrow I have to get up early to do a tour pickup from Whittier which will be from 7AM to about Noon. Then I might have time for a breif nap before I have to get up and get my party on. I don't have to drive on Sunday since I told them I plan on suffering from a hangover on Sunday and will not be able to drive and be perky.

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