Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Episode CVI: “I am still alive.”

Well yes I am still functioning I have been really busy with the new business and of course my weekend shenanigans. Not to mention busy with my regular job as well. Last Friday I embarrassed myself with an emotional display at the bar – but I’m over it now and hoping no one will remember.

Current Residence of my house is as follows. ME – Kelly and Melody and Mikey will be back sometime this weekend. I have good intentions of cleaning my house thoroughly this week since I clean everyone else’s it’s time I looked toward the home front. I mean clean too like spring cleaning so much so I don’t think there will be any partying this weekend and if I do end up going out it will be an alcohol free weekend. My body needs a break apparently. I am experiencing a pain in my back right side – I have come to the conclusion that it is not my back but maybe something to do with my Kidney (like a stone – that would suck) or better yet I could be getting shingles again that was fun last time. So pretty much to much stress in my life right now. All is relatively good though. I promise to get back on the blogging horse this next month.

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