Tuesday, November 16, 2010

It's Freezing Up Here!

So in keeping with my obession with my boobs lately - hello! Yes I actually wore this shirt out to the bar - I have worn it on two different occassions.

I have started a new beauty routine evey Monday night is my beauty night and I have this salt scrub and awesome body cream I have been using and my ass is a soft as a baby's butt. Actually my whole body is soft and with my new hair I have been treating that too and so that is super soft too. I am just all around silky.

It sure does make a girl feel better when she can be all smooth and sexy. Although it is winter time so the effect is short lived and I really have to use lotion every day - or I want to scratch my shins off because they get so dry. It's 18 degrees so I am avoiding the outdoors as much as possible. Thanksgiving is coming up and I can't wait to strap on the feed bag.

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