Monday, February 25, 2008

Episode C: “Holy Canolly!”

It has been almost an entire month since I posted anything – nothing to exciting has been happening – there were moments here and there but I have been so busy with the change over at work that I haven’t posted JACK! So here on my 100th post I decided to let you all know that am in fact not dead and I am doing pretty well.

This last weekend I once again attempted to color my hair and could not get the right color I wanted so after 4 boxes of hair color and a tingly sensation of the scalp that still has not gone away I am now a lightish brown color with hints still of the orange red that I was trying to get rid of. One day I will have the money to go in and get my hair done again. I look forward to that day.

I have big plans for next weekend but it is a secret project in the works and I can’t tell you about – but if all turns out OK I will be able to post the outcome at a later date I will keep you informed. I have a busy week planned.
Tonight I have to go over to Lexie’s house so she can put the pink highlights in my hair my sort of gift to my boss who loves to tease me about my hair I decided since he is leaving I will make sure my hair is something he can remember me by.
Tuesday – My boss and his wife going away party is tomorrow so I get to hang out with the people from work.
Wednesday – I am doing a happy hour special get together with Staci and Tammy after work.
Thursday – it is Jessy’s birthday and we will be heading to Kootz I do have to work on Friday so I am thinking that it won’t be a late night but if it is well it is her birthday and we all know I can function on only a couple hours of sleep so that’s good.

So far that is all I have planned. If anything absolutely exciting happens then I will be sure to inform you all. Much love.

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Seems like I am always involved in the to love it.