Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Episode CI: “Well I Have Turned Into A Girl”

That’s right the girl who wants to know why, or what does that mean or tell me how your feeling. I now have this uncontrollable urge to want to know the meaning behind everything. However do not fear or get your hopes up depending on who you are. I still am me – with that great ability to rationalize from a guys point of view much to the dismay of some of my friends. I do however feel like a three year stuck in that WHY phase, this is all new territory for me so walking cautiously in the slight forward side step motion checking for emotional land mines.

P.S.Went out on Saturday and nearly put myself into a coma. I actually drank so much I have memory loss and can’t remember half the night – I vaguely remember trying to walk home from the Bush Company because it really is not that far and the weather was actually great and felt sort of warm (well warm for this time of year). Then I remember Jessy telling me that I couldn’t walk home because I would ruin my new shoes – suddenly I have a flash back to the scene from Legally Blonde where that same line is used. It apparently did work even though I am not blonde anymore I still have my vain moments. Also I remember telling Joe (my bartender) to make me a shot and when he asked me what I wanted I replied defiantly that I wanted him to MAKE IT HURT (I was having a bad weekend). Opps – My bad a SNAKE BITE not good, my mistake – I should have known better then to utter these words to Joe. Unfortunately the drinking didn’t stop after that thanks to Kelly I was able to pretty much keep a drink in my hand all night. Our stay at the Bush Company was short but I was so out of it I don’t remember seeing one naked chick at all – It’s a strip club people – how is this possible. So come Sunday morning (afternoon, whatever!) hearing Jessy and Kelly talking about what happened I kept saying where the hell was I for that at which point they would inform me that I was right there and then sadly shake their heads. So yeah – can’t let that happen again EVER!

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