Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Episode LXXXXIX: “What A Busy Week!”

OK so I know I haven’t posted anything in a whole week. Things have been crazy at home and at work. I had to hire two new helpers at work and then complete their safety training and then yesterday the new boss’s started so that is all new and hectic. My house is chaos Melissa flies home tonight to go back to Seattle since the moving up here thing didn’t work out the way we had planned – we weren’t expecting the dry spell in the job market. I had one of the helpers from work on my couch for the last four days she left to fly to Ketchikan this morning, I might have the house to myself for a whole day and then Jessy will be staying there with me for a bit while she finds other arrangements. But hey at least my life is not boring even if it’s not all out to the wee hours of the morning partying anymore. More to come once I figure everything out.

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