Friday, November 2, 2007

Episode LXXII: “I nearly fainted in the WalMart dressing room.”

Seriously! I was walking by the jeans section which is the same jeans I have on today. On a whim I decided to try on a pair of size 9 since the ones I have on are a little baggy. I pulled them up and zipped them without having to suck it in and then I’m pretty sure that the people who work there think I’m a big freak because I was like WOOHOO! I haven’t worn that size since my senior year in high school. Damn that was a great year too – oh so much fun. Anyway I just thought I would share with everyone.

By the way I also went tanning on my lunch and now I have that nice burnt smell. I figured out that I only get that smell when I use the tanning lotions but it’s not enough for me not to use it.

A little tanner and skinnier up here in the frozen north.

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