Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Episode LXXI: “Boogada Boogada AH AH AH!”

Well Happy Halloween to everyone. Sorry for the delay in the blogging it’s been kind of hectic and I wasn’t really feeling it.

Here is my question do you believe in premonitions? I do my family has had some pretty strange things happen that lead me to believe in them. So with this in mind I tell everyone that everything is going to be just ducky for me.

Lately I have been catching up on some well needed sleep and just relaxing. I did have a slight melt down on Friday and actually ran away from my own house – is that weird? Have you ever just had the urge to just be by yourself? Well I did Friday. I needed to get away and think I tried to run to my happy place – which is Big Lake because I am always happy when I am out there – however the Big Lake Motel is under remodel and I couldn’t get a room so I had to back track to Wasilla and checked into the Best Western Lake Lucille Inn. I have been to this hotel before so I knew that the suites had a Jacuzzi tub. Well I did it I splurged on a two room suite. It seriously took nearly 45 minutes to fill the tub up because it’s a double but once it was I grabbed my Bacardi Razz and sprite and hopped in and relaxed watching TV (YO Harry Potter) it was the best then I was in bed early and up the next morning at 9:30 am. I woke up and did that whole Disney thing of whipping the curtains open and the view was astounding. One of the sun shiniest days we have had in a while and the lake was mostly frozen over and white and the mountains in the background – I really do love this state. Suddenly my state of mind changed and I was having a really darn good day (impressive considering I am not normally even technically alive at that time in the morning on a weekend). So I drove home and I have been good ever since.

So yes I am still alive and no I have not started my hibernation yet. Hope everyone else is all good – much love.


Alayna said...

Yes I have definitely had the urge to just be by myself...used to happen a lot more then it does now though. =) No you're not weird to just run away from it all. Sometimes you just have to do what you have to do and only you know what it is that you have to do at any given moment to make yourself feel human again. I love you Keri!! Glad to know you are feeling yourself again.

AlaskaMe said...

Yes I am - nice to to know you don't think I'm weird or weirder then normal anyway. love you to Layna!