Thursday, November 15, 2007

Episode LXXV: “Sneaky – Sneaky!”

OK to all my girls we all know that when we are not in a relationship or we don’t have big plans we tend to let ourselves go sometimes. Well that has happened to me the last week and today I paid for my mistake. I went in to the doctor for a fairly routine reason and that sneaky little man sprung the unmentionable on me. So now as I sit here at work the moment I get home I am taking my 2nd shower of the day and I am going to de-hair-ify myself. Why you ask the damage is already done – because this is apparently why mom always tells you to wear clean underwear. You never know.


Alayna said...

heeheeheeeeeeee oh poor baby that is way too funny!!! I'd have refused and told him I'd schedule it later.

AlaskaMe said...

He knows me to well and he knows I have to be bullied. Oh well at least I am good for a year now.