Monday, October 1, 2007

Episode LXIII: “Hoed Up Doin Big Thangs!”

Well let’s see Wednesday night or more accurately Thursday morning 1:30 am found me sitting in the Anchorage International Airport waiting for Melissa’s plane to arrive. I met her outside of security and escorted her to the baggage claim to get her bags. Drove home and threw her into the room and went to bed and was asleep by 2:30 am. Worked Thursday morning and then ended up not going in to BB&B on Thursday night because “was so tired needed nap” so that night we hung out at the house and got some drink on – welcome back to Alaska Melissa this is now the party house. Went to bed at around 4:00 am Friday morning and then woke up to go to work. Dragged my butt around all day and then went home and took a nap woke up just as people started to get to my house for the party. No cooking for Keri I opted out and ordered pizza. We all left from my house around 11:00 to go to Kootz and then I ended up leaving and going home at 12:30 (Yes I left Melissa there with a note for her cab driver as to how to get to my house and my phone number.

12:30 – Get home go to bed.
1:30 – Get a phone call that the guy I left in charge of Melissa was kicked out of the bar because he lost his license in the bar so he was worried about her so he called me. I had a lot of people I knew there so I wasn’t worried about her.
2:45 – Get phone call from cab driver, he can’t find the place and I have to verbally tell him how to get there – I think I should have charged him.
3:30 Melissa gets home and I proceed to completely pass out now that everyone is where they are suppose to be.

I finally got to sleep in until like 1:30 in the afternoon – IT WAS SO AWESOME! I haven’t been able to do that in weeks. At 2:00 we had to run some errands and swing by a Halo party (I stole some fish) and then we finally get back to the house at like 4:30 and then we start getting ready for dressed up night out at 5:30 left house headed back to Halo party (pretended I was hired stripper for the boys since I was dressed like one). Then left them engrossed in the game we barely even phased them. Then headed over to Dallas’s house to say good-bye to Debbie since she is leaving the state today. Then ended back up at my house at 8:00 – proceeded to get our drink on at the house and then called a cab to go downtown to Platinum Jaxx. (Melissa left her ID at the house I made her cab back by herself to get it) So it was me, Melissa and Poppy and we met Lance and Celeste there and then Marcella and Michelle showed up and we all looked awesome in our black dresses or skirts (we really need to do that more often). Then we hung out and then Melissa, Poppy and Me went to Kootz and met up with Mel and then Alexis and Bri Bri showed up and so did Mac and Tippin. We continued to get our drink on and close down the bar. I was DJ Lefty’s personal dancer and spent most of my night up in the DJ booth getting my dance on.

We all got back to the house all 6 of us at about 3:15 and then continued to party and then Mac and Tippin left (I think they might have walked home) at about 5:00am I was in bed and asleep by 6 and then up and awake by 11:30 then we decided to get our Betty Crocker on and I made breakfast (scrambled eggs, sausage, hash browns and Melissa made pancakes). Then we proceeded to lounge around the house all day then I made dinner and I took Melissa to the airport at 11:00 pm Sunday night and then went home and went to bed.

So all in all a good weekend “Big Thangs” and now Melissa really wants to move up here.


Marz said...

how come we don't have pictures on this darn thing yet?

AlaskaMe said...

Because they were taken on two different cameras and neither camera is finished yet so until I use them up I can't get them developed. I know I am so behind the times.

Marz said...

wow! Get a digital! OOOH>>.. so I actually updated my blog... :)