Monday, October 8, 2007

Episode LXIV: “Holy CRAP Batman!”

So my blog came to me in my dreams last night and said “YO! Post something before I get all moldy!”

Seriously it has been a busy week. Still no pictures from Hoed Up Night. Sam has moved out and Melody has moved in. Friday found me hanging out at Lexie’s house for a bit getting in my girl time – it was cool lets just say that lots of talking and giggling. A little bit of dress up – that’s right Keri in pink hoe boots and pink lingerie – maybe photos will be posted of that too – MAYBE. Then I went home and before I could go to bed I got a phone call from some friends that wanted to come hang out for a bit to escape some drama. So they ended up hanging out for 3 hours it was really chilled especially since I had all my furniture shoved into the kitchen and dining room because I had my carpets cleaned Friday afternoon. So we sort of threw a blanket down and vegged.

Saturday Melody woke me up at 1:00 pm which was awesome because I needed to get up anyway. So we got together and moved her stuff from the storage place and into my house. Then I proceed to clean like a fiend and right now the only room not clean is the down stairs bathroom I will get to that later. So major moving and then up all night cleaning and then I went to bed at like 4:00am then got up on Sunday to go to work.

Sunday got off of work at 8:15pm and then went to help Mac move – had slight problem with lift gate on the work truck had to call Lance to come rescue me. He fixed it but we had been standing outside for a couple hours and I was chilled to the bone. Went home and took the hottest shower I could stand just to warm up. Yep – winter is here and I am not happy about it.

Lets talk about all the moving I have helped with since I started this blog (go ahead and check back to Memorial Day weekend). Tons! I have bruises all over my body that I don’t remember getting and when you are as white as me they look even worse not to mention I get that red splotchy look when I get cold. So not attractive. Anyway tonight is dinner at my house with a possible mention of helping Mac again tonight if he needs it.

Dinner Menu: I crave red meat! NOW!


Marz said...

Keri the mover! haha! You know, you actually started helping people move when you were still down here. I think it's time you start charging.

Alayna said...

I get that purply blue splotchy tinge when I'm cold so hate the's 84* right here right now. heeheeheeeeeee

AlaskaMe said...

Marz - I should charge but I can't charge my friends and if i don't know you then I won't help you.

Alayna - Yeah it's kind of purply - I need to go tanning when I get some money again. Also the thing about the cold is I know it's just going to get colder.

Alayna said...

That so sucks!! You always handled the cold better then the rest of us but cold here and cold there are two totally different things. I think I'd die after the first time it got cold....a slow brittle death.....either that or not leave my nicely heated house until the cold got about 60. You are definitely more woman then me. =D