Thursday, October 18, 2007

Episode LXVIII: “I think I can I think I can!”

OK so I just had a run in with the bionic staple “The Force Is Strong With This One”. It was a long battle and I was starting to get tired and sweaty but I persevered and won out in the end. That staple really just didn’t want to go in the trash. It had become one with the paper but it was no match (OK maybe a little) for me and the jaws of my bright pink staple remover.

Pink my new signature color.

Last night we went bowling and I was using the ugly green ball the guys were using and I was sucking so bad you could have named me Hoover. Finally I decided that I was doing so crappy because the ball was just not girlie enough for me. So I went on a quest (which turned out to be almost as perilous as Atreyu trying to save fantasia). I however had my lucky charm (Atreyu had the Orrin) in the form of my Grandpa’s Navy coat and therefore was able to locate a light 10 pound BRIGHT ASS PINK ball and then I even bowled a couple of strikes.

Moral of this story: If I have any pink – stand back because I am unstoppable!


Anonymous said...

i'm pretty sure i could find some pink in you...all i need is five minutes, lmao....


Alayna said...

lmao! Oh goddess Kare Bare you are too funny!! ;b