Monday, June 4, 2007

Episode IV: “Brain Freeze Without the Taste of Ice Cream”

Spring has sprung the grass has riz I wonder where dem birdies is. Birds on wings aint that absurd I thought the wings were on the birds. Birdie, birdie in the sky please don’t doo, doo in my eye, me no baby me no cry me just glad cow don’t fly.

So yeah went out to Big Lake on Saturday. Sat around the fire watched Alexis cook a pizza on the BBQ grill – that was interesting not to mention a learning experience. We were so hungry by then that it didn’t matter that the bottom of the pizza was extra crispy. Also had a run in with an itsy bitsy spider that a round bulbous body on it that almost made me want to jump in the lake. It was on the BBQ and then Alexis flicks it off with a stick of course we then don’t see where it lands so Melody and I are not comfortable outside anymore. Sunday when we woke up we then helped with the spring chores of cleaning big toys and getting them launched in the lake. My day ended out there with a Jet Ski ride around the lake and one heck of a lake water brain freeze. That’s what happens when cold water splashes on your face and then the air makes it even colder. All in all – good times and the brain freeze means summer has officially started.

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