Friday, June 22, 2007

Episode X: “Stain Glass World”

First off I did not want to drag my butt out of bed this morning. However when I finally got up and walked into the hallway I noticed it was not as bright as it should have been at 7:45 the morning after the summer solstice longest day of the year. I was too lazy to open a curtain and look though so I got ready thinking it was probably over cast and raining. Then before I went down stairs I open my curtain and window in my room to let the heat out (cause it’s been so hot, you know all of in the 80’s). Once I opened the window though it was like gazing at my city through a stain glass window. There was a yellow hue to everything. On my way out the car I noticed that it was really quite and that there was a smoke smell in the air. Sure enough I got to work and checked the paper and we have several forest fires burning around the state and the smoke tends to be blown into town. It makes the city seem like it’s in a dream state and completely surreal. I kind of like it – sort of a calming feeling.

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