Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Episode V: “Wet Suit, Mosquito’s and Broken Belt Loops”

So last weekend we had a beautiful day out at Big Lake more chores followed by another run on the Jet Ski. This time however I squeezed my ass into a wet suit – (I know scary thought). It was a lot like a full body girdle I still had to suck it in for the photo and since it was a cut off sleeves and legs it was cutting the circulation off in my arms and legs. However it was 7:00 at night before we got out on the lake and by then it was a tit-bit-nipple-ly and even the wet suit wouldn’t save me if I fell in.

Monday I helped Tammy move into her new house. (Help being the operative word) OK I really brought a big ass truck from work and Sam my roommate to help so I figured I had bought my way clean so while loading up I supervised. When we go to the new house I actually ended up helping. Also Tool ended up wrestling me on Tammy’s bed – that was the most action I have had in a really, really (really) long time. While loading up we had to carrying everything through the swarm of mosquitoes and I have bites all over me. Even where my jeans were covering me up but those little buggers could get through steel (Alaska grows them big). Tammy’s new living room is huge and I can’t wait for the first party.

Tuesday was a horrible day – I had just washed and dried my jeans so I pulled them on using the belt loops (you know like you do) when SNAP! One of the belt loops broke I seriously shed a tear. That’s it! You know it’s time to start losing some weight when you tear your pants (these are Victoria Secret London Jeans and 1 of 3 pairs that everyone calls my butt jeans – because my butt looks great in them). So tonight I am going to exercise for at least 30 minutes. No more fat kid pie for me – well no more after this last piece.

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