Thursday, June 21, 2007

Episode IX: “Alcohol & Hair Color”

So yesterday I got a hold of Alexis because I wanted to come over and have her color my hair. So by the time I got done with my errands it was 7:00 and I called Alexis and she was at the bar down the street from her house. She wanted me to meet her and Melody there for a drink first. OK fine I meet them there and find out that this is my first trip to a gay bar. Fabulous – the bartender we had was so cool and fantastically funny and we were his only customers for like and hour we had the bar to ourselves. Mean while drinking ensues and finally at 9:30 I am like OK we have to go because it’s all about me and my hair tonight. So I am really blonde right now and it’s awesome I am slowly working toward the platinum color. I really need to go in and get some highlights but alas I am too broke so this is me dealing.

On a side note I am wearing my decadently delicious COACH sandals today and they have a really spiky heel so my front porch becomes a death trap – so if you don’t hear from me tomorrow please send help to my house to release me from the jaws of death.

P.S. I seriously miss Nordstrom Rack!


Marz said...

platinum again huh? Interesting... very interesting. In my personal world, I've decided I'm going shopping this weekend. To hell with it. I'm giving myself 100.00 to go spend on me! I'm headed for Steve & Barry's to check out SJP's new clothing line, and I'm super excited.

BlondeBombshellBlog said...

Okay, so I'm with you on the hair coloring. It's too freaking expensive, plus after I get highlighted I feel like it grows out too fast and I hate seeing the roots so quick cause my hair is back a lot for soccer. So I'm dying my own too! Oh, and you and your damn slutty heels....
Get down to Seattle, we're taking you to a REAL gay bar. Ha ha. The cuff, here we come..