Monday, December 3, 2007

Episode LXXIX: “A Great Hair Day.”

Names have not been used to protect the innocent!

So Saturday I went out with some friends. This picture is of me in the cab ride to Platinum Jaxx my hair looked so good that night. I was all hoed out in a jean mini skirt and brown hoe boots and yes my belly was even showing – apparently the guys love it when your love handles are showing I can’t even tell you how many random guys I danced with but it was all good I had a blast. Then of course I moved to Kootz later in the night to finish off my night. Took a cab home and ended up spending the night in the princess chair until about 8:00am.

Unfortunately the one moment before we went out at which point I knew I was already buzzed was not captured on film. This event which could never be recreated while sober consisted of me jumping on the front of a certain someone (who will remain nameless) telling him to hold me wrapping my legs around his waist and doing that baby thing (you know where they tend to throw themselves backward) which ended up with me hanging from said guys waist upside down with my hands and head by the floor and all this in a mini skirt. Of course being a gentleman said guy did not look down during this (I was wearing a thong which leaves nothing to the imagination) and I am so surprised BFF didn’t launch me out the window.

Not that it was just one big party this weekend I also cleaned the house and moved furniture and I plan on getting a Christmas Tree tomorrow and decorating it.


Anonymous said...

nice bling! yo so ghetto, beeyotch!

bahahhwhwhwhahhahaaaaa i kill me.

Anonymous said...

I am still having to feed the nameless medication for his back and he has not left the heating may have lost 50LBS but the man can't walk now.

Anonymous said...

p.s. i would NOT have been a gentleman, i would have looked! and maybe drooled. and possibly buried my face in your crotch.

cause thats how i roll!


AlaskaMe said...

Good to know Tool!