Monday, December 31, 2007


Sorry folks. Christmas was good and I have been mostly vegging. However Melissa got up here last Friday night and Jessy and her son came over and we proceeded to get drunk at my house. I even put on a little show of counter dancing in my kitchen and I even got to sleep with a little man. Jessy’s son is so adorable he went over to his father’s on Saturday and so did not want to leave he liked hanging out with us girls and having us all dote on him. Then Saturday was a low key night and we all got to bed relatively early at least for us. Then yesterday we proceeded to eat non stop for like 5 hours and painted toes and nails in preparation for tonight. I went to bed early because I actually am at work today. I have tomorrow off though and tonight Melissa is going to be the designated driver. So that is awesome I don’t have to pay for a cab since I can’t afford one anyway. Jessy is still at the house and has been there since Friday night which is great and I am pretty sure she is going out with us tonight “S” is also going out with us tonight and I believe Melody is too. Should be a good night I will try and get a lot of pictures since I haven’t taken any recently. Also my birthday is coming up on Thursday and we are mostly going to celebrate on Friday night but since I have Friday off I might get a jump start on Thursday. Who knows then after that it will be back to just hanging out around the house doing a whole lot of nothing. Hope everyone has a good and safe holiday. Love you all.

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