Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Episode LXXXVII: “7.2 on the Richter Scale!”

So apparently at 11:30 pm last night we had an earthquake out on the Aleutian Chain about 125 west of Adak. Now Adak was my home for two years when I was younger and I have a great fondness for that island. No one was hurt and there was no damage. I didn’t feel a thing as I was asleep but I probably wouldn’t of felt it anyway if I was awake since that is about a thousand miles a way – apparently there was a good size wave that hit somewhere in no where Alaska. Whatever – on to other things.

So the following is a list of stupid things I have done recently:

So I tweaked my back out trying to load myself up with everything that needed to go upstairs because I was too lazy to come back down the stairs and make a second trip.

I spent 20 minutes looking through my bed for the remote that I knew for sure was lost somewhere in the covers and then finally gave up after pissing off the dogs to find the remote on the floor by my bed. Who would have thought to look there?

I totally forgot about my advent calendar until last night and then I started opening up everything and until I was done with only 6 days left unopened I realized I started at the wrong number and completely did it backwards – do these things come with directions (even if it did do you think I stopped to read them).

I have been experiencing major issues with my cell phones. I loose them or forget them or they spend some quality time in the snow. This has happened a lot over the last couple weeks I was complaining to Lexie about it and she politely told me this might mean I am partying too much. DAMN! Lexie just said I party too much. Well I guess that’s true so alas I am cutting back I will be out for New Years and I will be out the following weekend to celebrate my birthday. Then we will see what happens.

PS – I made Kool-Aid last night – haven’t had that in forever!

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