Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Episode LXXXVI: “So Long Happy Pills.”

OK so most of you know me well enough to know that I hate taking pills especially ones I have to take daily. Even my Thyroid ones I forget half the time and if I have a headache I am more likely to take a nap then a pain killer. So I just had an appointment with my shrink and we are both in agreement that I don’t need to be on them anymore so we have started a decrease program to get me off of them. So in one months time I will be back to the old Keri although I have learned that it’s OK for me to have a breakdown or be emotional so for those of you that are worried I am going to stop being the crazy Keri have no fear I have never been completely normal EVER – this is hereditary and there is nothing I can do about that the whole family is whacked! Hopefully though this will allow me be less fidgety and to where I can sit down and watch a whole movie again. I miss vegging in front of the TV and it is my personal feeling that this is why I have started my hibernation phase late I should be one month into a coma but alas I am still all over the place. If I don’t get my sleepy time then I get sick and I will never make it through next summer in one piece.

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