Monday, December 10, 2007

Episode LXXXIII: “Extremely Busy Weekend”

OK so as you know we had our Christmas Party on Friday night. The food was so awesome and I even went back for seconds. Then a few of us went over to Jaxx to hang out but since I had a late night on Thursday I was tired and wasn’t feeling it. So I was at home and in bed by 11:45pm. I slept until about 3 in the afternoon making up for the sleep I didn’t get on Thursday night. Then Saturday night I met “S” at Gallos at 9:00pm and we met up with a couple of her co-workers. Then we headed to Kootz where I proceeded to get trashed and I sent a text to most the people in my phone that I was wasted some of you even wrote me back. Then at 1:00am “S” and I left and I got dropped off at Jessy and Gabe’s then they took me home and we played cards for a couple hours. I didn’t get to sleep until 5:00 am. Then I slept all day Sunday waking up for a couple hours here and there for a total of 6 hours of awake time yesterday.

On a side note the cell phone I lost last Saturday was found on my front porch I’m sure the cab driver left it there that night. So I walked by it for almost an entire week before seeing it and then when I did it was frozen to the railing. Oh well it was acting up anyway so I needed a new phone.

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Anonymous said...

damn, you didnt get to sleep till 5am? thats about the time i was finally off work and heading home. figured you'd be asleep. guess i shoulda called.