Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Ok so my weekend:

Friday night found me over at Lexie’s house so she could color my hair (my roots were BADDY BAD BAD). Then just when I was about to go home Mama Jenn was over there and she decided to start having contractions. So once we talked her into going into the hospital to have it checked out we then proceeded to spend three hours at the hospital to find out that she wasn’t drinking enough water. Well it was late and I was getting cranky so dropped Jenn and Lexie off at her house and went home but couldn’t get to sleep until like 3:30AM.

Saturday evening I went over to a BBQ at Michelle’s house and hung out over there for a few hours. Jesse Pooh brought this redneck golf game which was mildly entertaining to watch and I got to be the score keeper for that. Marissa (from Seattle) and Rob drunk called me Saturday night – she was out celebrating her 30th birthday (Welcome to the Club Sista!) so that was fun I got to listen to them order Jack In The Box which made me really want a Sour Dough Jack – to bad we don’t have those up here.

Sunday I vegged all day.

I just had a visit from Kelly, Travis and the baby Seamus he is getting so big he is going to be 1 year old on October 14 so I will be attending that birthday party for sure.

Much Love to Everyone

The Aarguh – is because I had a pissy moment at work and wanted to throw something but seeing the baby made it all better.

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Marz said...

thanks for the welcome! It was great to hear from you. We really need to call each other more often!