Monday, August 16, 2010


So this last weekend found me over at Lexie’s house on Friday trying to keep her motivated to decorate her house now that the painting is all done. She finally hung some stuff on the walls and Mama Jenn organized some of her nic nacks so that once she gets furniture to put it all on she will have stuff. Plus I stayed late to do her laundry so I could make sure she put it all way before I left then I went home to sleep and then called her up at noon on Saturday and told her I was coming over to just hang out. So vegged over there for the rest of the day.

Sunday I stayed home and vegged and didn’t get anything done.

Tonight I plan on cleaning my own house and busting out with the carpet cleaner if I can get that all done then I will feel better and can just relax and be a total slug and do nothing for the next two weeks since I am broker than broke until the end of August.

I also plan on washing the dogs I’m sure they are going to love that but at least they will smell better and it’s been over a year since either of them had a bath.

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