Thursday, August 5, 2010

Short Short Version

Well where to start? At least I stopped blogging on a high note – yeah for me.

Believe it or not there has not been a whole lot of going out partying hence the weight gain. I am currently in save money mode so I usually lock myself in my house so I don’t spend any money.

Last Labor Day – my dad came up and helped me build a deck it’s fabulous! I got a few people to help or more like DO while I supervised. I even made Kelly the pregnant wench do some manual labor. Her extra body weight was good for standing on things holding them down.

Kelly had baby Seamus in October and her mother stayed with me for a few days while Kelly was in the hospital I went over every night while she was there to totally mooch on my new favorite man – he’s so darn cute and at that stage he couldn’t run away. HA!

My personal life is still chaos me and Poppy are still orbiting each other and at least mom and dad got to meet him when they came up for Thanksgiving. I made Mama Jenn do the cooking last year for Thanksgiving taking my family over and invading her house – she loved every minute of it even when dad drank all the milk – he’s not a big talker but when it comes to milk he can drink you under the table.

Christmas was blessedly quite and no one came and I refused to go anywhere – it was nice.

March had Taylor moving in to be roommate number one. I hardly ever see him, he not around which is good for a roommate that’s how I like them.

May had be dismantling my California closet in the 3rd bedroom so I could rent that out.

Mom came back up for the weekend on June 12th to do a breast cancer walk with me and my friends and co-workers. We had a BBQ using the new huge ass BBQ grill dad bought me (thank goodness we built a bigger deck because the grill wouldn’t have fit on the old one). It was a busy weekend and I sent mom home tired to much going on in one weekend.

Chris roommate number two moved in beginning of July.

The picture posted below is of Cliffy and I dancing in Jesse’s kitchen I made $60 that night thanks for that cab fare. Usually the group of us hang out at each others houses because it’s cheaper then going out to drink.

Although I did go out with Alexis last weekend and we had a blast and then there was some good snuggle time the following morning with Alexis and I and a pregnant Mama Jenn. We barely fit in Alexis’s double bed. Everyone else had more motivation then I did and went out and did things while I stayed home the rest of the weekend suffering from a mild hangover.

Grandma came up and visited two weeks ago and stayed for ten days we pretty much just vegged although I am pretty sure we made daily trips to Walmart – it’s sort of Grandma’s thing and she spoiled me rotten.

Well that for the most part catches you up and I will be blogging more now. I have all new gripes mostly about my new white trash neighbors and their dog who keeps crapping in my yard. Haven’t been big on dressing up for work in forever so my goal for tomorrow is to gasp! Do my hair and makeup – I’ll let you know how it goes.


U Know Who I Am! said...

There's so much stuff here..I don't even know what to comment on. Glad you are alive and mostly doing well! LOL

marz said...

You're back! YAY! We're glad to have you!