Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Not a whole lot going on. This is what happens to the dog when I get bored can you tell that he is not happy! I think he’s a little embarrassed.

I totally rearranged my office today I figured after 9 months it was about time I unpacked and settled in. Ex-Rommate Sam called me and took me to lunch today. So we had a nice chat and I got to whine to him about being bored and having no long term goals anymore. I am almost completely caught up at work which is a good thing since we will have some company this week. Rumors Rumors Rumors.

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Anonymous said...

My Sweetness! What are you doing to my Grandpuppy??!!! Yes, he does look just a tad embarrassed. The blue sash he wore before was more his style. I'm thinking this PINK tiara is a bit gauche for such a studley little muffin like my "puggles" - doncha think?
Tell Sam "hello!" for me! :o)