Monday, September 20, 2010

Rain Man

OMG! My mother just sent me this picture. First it’s de..def..defin..itly needs an explanation!

My dad is a PE teacher in Seattle. Apparently the day this was taken they were scheduled to take the kids for a walk/run. Well the weather being what it is in Seattle was a mini monsoon! So Donald thinking it would be funny and because he is most of the time quite and shy is secretly sadistic, he dressed up like this and told the kids “OK lets go!”

I wish my PE teacher had been this funny – then maybe PE wouldn’t have been such a drag. I also now realize that it’s a shame my mother didn’t meet him until after I was grown up then again it was I that picked him out for her. Us Rah-Tards have to stick together ya know. So here is my shout out to my daddy. Isn’t he FABULOUS! Runway models of the world fear for your jobs!


Anonymous said...

YES, he's a tard and damb proud to be one.

Anonymous said...

Love that Don ! Silly man ;)