Tuesday, September 7, 2010


So this is how my weekend went.

Friday: I met Lexie after work to help her pick out a couch. This is the one we decided on it is the most comfy couch ever and because it is in pieces you can configure it many different way. So I also fell in love with this couch and will be purchasing it when I save up some money which will be after I pay off something’s first so it might be a whole year before I get this couch but it is fabulous. (This is not the best picture of me but whatever the couch is awesome). Then we went out for dinner and then I went home and cleaned my bedroom.

Saturday: Found me going over to Lexie’s house at around noon – I hung out over there watching movies and just vegging (she brought her bed mattress out into the living room so we could just lay around).

Sunday: Saturday night didn’t sleep hardly at all was up at 3:30AM on Sunday morning for like 4 hours and then went back to bed. Then Travis and baby Seamus came over for a few hours and hung out.

Monday: Kelly and Travis woke me up at 9AM because they were on their way over with baby because I was going to babysit for the day. So baby and I took a two hour nap around noon. Then they came back and we went and hung out over at Lexie’s house for a bit.

So over all not an exciting weekend but at least I didn’t spend any money. So props to me.


Anonymous said...

Damn, I cant put a picture withthis comment...I like the one of you and Lexie on the couch with your booty hanging off it!

Anonymous said...

What...no one took a picture of me on this couch...just Keri the couch HOG !