Friday, September 3, 2010

Yipee 3-Day Weekend!

So I realized that there needs to be some introductions made. I refer to several people in my blogs so I think it is time we pictured some of them here.

World meet Alexis (otherwise known as Lexie) she is my life partner we usually talk every day and yet sometimes we can go months without seeing each other. She knows EVERYTHING! Seriously this girl has even seen me cry which doesn't happen often. She knows I am a freak and she loves me anyway. She usually post comments but doesn't have an account so she just puts BFF after it. This is a sexy picture of her - which doesn't show how nuts she is but you get the point.

Alexis was the first person I met when I first moved up here that wasn't a co-worker. Her and her parents took me in and I have never been the same since. We have had some very interesting adventures together she even moved in with me for a few months shortly after I moved up here and like all of my roommates have said I am like living with a guy. What can I say I like zoning out in front of the TV. Pucky knows her as the "Lexie Monster" which envolves her chasing Pucky around the couch, she is also one of the few other people that Pucky will snuggle with besides me. "CAB!"

So the other person who is featured lately on my blog is Mama Jenn. I was introduced to her by Mikey who invited her and her family over to my house when I had a BBQ and I haven't been able to get rid of her since. If it wasnt for her I would have most certainly starved to death by now. Jenn met my mother over a year ago and decided that she would take her. So as repayment she feeds me and makes me chicken for my birthday. Her kids have sort of become my sudo family and Jenn lets me boss them around when I get on a power trip.

Even more recently Jenn and Lexie have become fast friends - which no matter how much I tease them about being jealous - it works out fabulously because they are both needy and I can't keep up with them. So Lexie is Jenn's wifey and I am more like the husband in this threesome of a relationship.

All in all these two are my girls and without them I would be completely bored. Plus they keep me laughing like you wouldn't believe and they aren't scared by my raunchy sense of humor no matter how crude it gets. So much love to my girls.

Now I don't currently really have any big plans for the weekend I think it will mostly be us all just lounging around. hope everyone has a save and FABULOUS weekend!


Marz said...

It's nice to have some faces to go with the names!

Speaking of pictures... I seem to have run into a certain "bobsledding" picture in one of my boxes.

Hope to see you soon!

Anonymous said...

I love you Keri. U are my family : )ooxx BFF

Anonymous said...

I heart threesomes!