Thursday, September 9, 2010

I'm certain that given a cape and a nice tiara, I could save the world.

The title to this blog is a qoute that I have on the bottom of my signature for my work e-mails. just stating the obvious!

Everyone meet ANNER BOO! She is technically Lexie's parents dog, but lexie has her sometimes. In this picture she is riding shot gun in the cab of Lexie's dad's heliocopter! She is ready to go and would probably perfer to drive. This is the funniest picture because DAD outfitted her in this get up and apparently when they got the dog he said something about not walking her because she wasn't a real dog or something like that. Now to the dismay of Lexie's mother the dog rides shot gun in the helio and if MOM would allow it she would always ride shot gun in the car too. Wait for further updates on SUPER PUPS SECRET ADVENTURES she is currently deep in negotiations with the CIA.


OK so Tuesday night I get a call from Mama Jenn at 3AM asking me to come over because she has been having contractions and needs to go to the hospital and she needs someone to stay with the kids. I round up my stuff and head over – she is sitting on the stairs right inside the door when I get there so I send her off after making sure she will be fine driving to the hospital by herself. I go down stairs and crawl into her nice comfy bed and go back to sleep. 6:30 in the morning I hear some movement upstairs and I figure it is just her brother Adam coming home from work (he works the graveyard shift) so I doze back off because me and the kids still have 30 more mins. Beside Adam usually gets the kids up in the morning and ready for school. At 7:05am Jenn comes walking around the corner in her room with a cinnamon bun and a cup of coffee.
Me to Jenn: What are you doing here and why are you still pregnant?
Apparently we had a false alarm and she figured I deserved breakfast in bed since she woke me up at 3AM.

Awesome – honestly for breakfast in bed I will always come over at 3AM. Yes my heart is in my stomach.

So as I am leaving for work she gives me a BBQ Pork sandwich to take for lunch (I am so in LUST with her right now).

Wednesday – WORK SUCKED! Went home and vacuumed the whole house including the stairs then went to bed early.

Thursday – WORK STILL SUCKS! I am tired of babysitting grown ass men!

But at least tonight I get to go over to Lexie’s house for dinner.


Anonymous said...

Only in lust with me...right been after my goodies for years!

Love you girl...not sure what I would do without you!

Anonymous said...

BBQ pork...what the hell is going on here !