Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Episode LXXXXI: “2008!”

Well it is the start of a brand new year. My New Years Eve night consisted of me getting drunk by 8:30 and getting to Kootz by 9:30 and running around the bar some dancing and more drinking a couple of drunk phone calls to those that I love. My mother and my sister – they pretty much think I am whacked but so are they so they would never judge. Then we left the bar at 1:30 and a few people came back to the house. I vaguely remember passing out around 5:30 on the couch and then moving upstairs to my bed falling asleep to Harry Potter. Then being rudely awakened less then four hours later to deal with a busted pipe on a water heater at I house I sort of sudo manage. Spent three and a half hours over there dealing with plumbers and people removing water. Got home and back in bed by 2:30 in the afternoon got about 3 hours of sleep before Lexie started to call and bug me because she was out having her party and so I got up to meet her at the Bush Company and then proceeded back to my house where Lexie and her accomplice toilet papered Dave’s car (sort of serves him right for leaving it unlocked). Then I couldn’t get to sleep until 1:30 this morning. I am so tired and I have a lot to do tonight but I will be in bed early because tomorrow is my birthday and I plan on starting it with a bang tomorrow night since I have off on Friday. I am also thinking about taking off on Monday so I can have one more day to do absolutely nothing because that is what I want to do.

Friday nights plan includes a hockey game, Platinum Jaxx and then Kootz. I have bullied most people into either going out with me on Thursday night or Friday. So it should be fun.

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Marz said...

Happy Birthday Girlie!!!! (even ON your Birthday) I'll try calling later, though I do not hold much hope of actually getting ahold of you.