Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Episode XLXIV: “First Chapter Meeting for: Phi Beta Kappa – I.V.C.”

So last night I went over to Alexis’s house to get some girl time in. When I got there I was given a home cooked meal and then I sat on one end of the couch and Mel on the other and then Lexie sat in the middle. We sat out there commiserating and watching C.S.I. reruns on the Spike channel. Meanwhile Bri Bri was hold up in the bedroom getting his school work done and pretty much leaving us girls to ourselves – I think he might have been a little scared. The night ended with a snuggle fest on Lexie’s bed. I was in bed relatively early for me. However some idiot keeps calling my phone (Private) in the middle of the night – if I don’t know the number and you are not programmed into my phone and you don’t have the decency to leave a message – I am so not going to answer your call or call you back. HOW RUDE!


Anonymous said...

I got my fix!

AlaskaMe said...

Hey me too - all better now.