Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Episode XLXIX: “Girl’s Night!”

Oh My Goodness! It is girl’s night – the three amigo’s are back in action – I am so excited. I will be dining and drinking it up at Casa De Lexie’s and we will be pigging out on Mexican Food and drinking Margarita’s and I will be crashing over there and then driving home in the morning to make it to work. Should be interesting! Maybe there will be pictures to post too. I might even suffer a bout of “PantsPullUpettes!” Stand back old women who lives upstairs above Lexie your worst nightmare has come to your apartment building – I can so take you!


Anonymous said...

I am trully glad that you seem so excited - I didn't know you were so easy, I just said bring a change of clothes and wala folks she is gonna do her little girl pull her pants up so high there will be a moose toe involved...OMG! I love my girl!

Anonymous said...

what in the world is "pantspullupettes"? U is crazy....crazy, crazy, crazy. (hehehehehe(evil laugh))!
love ya

Anonymous said...

great so Mel has not clue what joy is about to happen...LMAO

AlaskaMe said...

Mel Mel Mel - you have no idea - you are about to make history! Be prepared and drink heavily and you might live through the experience.