Thursday, September 6, 2007

Episode XLXV: “The Theory of Relativity.”

Put your hands on a hot pan and a second can feel like an hour, put your hands on a hot man and an hour can feel like a second.

Such is the way time is at work. For some reason the lunch hour is never long enough and it just flies right by without so much as a phone call the next day. An hour at work and you feel like you have been there all day and everything is running in slow motion.

To bad I can’t get paid for sleeping then the time really flies – although I am trying to stay busy because that does seem to help.

Hope everyone’s day is going faster then mine.

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Alayna said...

Hey love I know what you mean. I may not technically be working two jobs like you are but I am now working 10pm - 6:30am and still a mom during the day. Never enough hours to catch up on that sleep I'm not getting at night. So looking forward to some sleep time off. Haven't read my book since know me that's like unheard of. Love you! =)