Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Episode XLXVIII: “Giggles!”

Well folks I have the giggles today. I am finding the oddest things really funny. Lance has already had to suffer for my amusement. At least he is glad that his miserable day is funny to me and he was able to lift my spirits. No really he is not – he is only 30 minutes into his day and it’s only going to get worse. HA! I’m sorry I find this funny. I have to work tonight ad I don’t find that funny because my knee is just starting to feel better. It’s an old snow boarding injury from a few years ago (thanks Jaime) that would occasionally act up – however since I started the 2nd job it has been continuously hurting. So with this last weekend off it started to feel better. I’m too young to need a knee replacement yet.

UPDATE: So it is three hours into mine and Lance’s day and we are both wanting to kill people. I went out back into the shop in time to see Lance chucking pipe across the warehouse. I snickered and then made a run for it to the relative safety of my office – I guess I am just glad that I am not suffering alone.

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