Saturday, September 15, 2007

Emotions sucks!

So as I sit here in the dark crying and drinking (I wonder if this means I'm a closet alcoholic - NAW - don't drink enough) so with the good emtions come the bad ones - so I am just chilling wondering what's wrong with me. Who knew! I miss my Grandpa and my girls in Seattle not to mention my family - I haven't been home in too long and when I do it will be weird that my Grandpa won't be there the slient steady rock that was my anchor. I have the whole weekend off from my second job so hopefully I can straighten myself out before Monday. Signing off maybe a another drunk post later in the evening to update all on my current status.


BlondeBombshellBlog said...

Okay you aren't crazy. We miss you too. Maybe we can all help pay for you to come down and have a visit. You call me if you need to. I'm always here for you girl!

Alayna said...

aw love there's nothing wrong with missing your Grandpa. And sitting in the dark drinking and crying because of it doesn't make you a closet drunk. Call your family a good talk maybe another good cry can only be good.....crying is good for you as long as you can get past it too. I love you Ker Bear!! =)