Friday, September 21, 2007

Episode XLXX: “I Think My Roman Numerals Might Be Screwed Up – OH WELL!”

OK so Girl’s Night has not happened yet it keeps being postponed, because I am a bad bad friend.

However tonight I might be cooking – I know scary thought. Very few of you can attest to baring witness to my little secret that I can actually cook – I choose not too most of the time and when I feel I have too I tend to make something that comes out of a box from Costco. However when I put my mind to it and have no other distractions (I have bad cooking ADD) I tend to lay out a good meal and I totally don’t burn it. Tonight it’s Beer Batter Halibut Chunks and made be even home made fries. However if for some reason I do get distracted I will send out a smoke signal in the form of my house burning down – those of you in Seattle will be informed as well by the smoke clogged air that will no doubt fill your skies causing anyone with breathing problems to lock themselves in the house for days. I apologize now for any inconvenience!


Alayna said...

Mmmmm home made fries....I can make them just like my daddy's now!!!

AlaskaMe said...

Yeah your dad's fries were the best. I didn't actually do the fries I had Halibut and Cole Slaw. That all folks!