Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Episode XLXVI: “French Tickler – What about the man?”

Good Morning Sunshine’s! So I have kind of been in a funk lately hence the no blogging but I am all better now and I have returned to my happy place. You haven’t missed much pretty much the all the same stuff – going out and working. Saturday night had a blast – Lexie has a picture of me pulling down the front of my shirt and showing off my bra with Brian and Andrew next to me (it’s looks like Andrew might be grabbing my boob but I’m pretty sure there was no actual contact – since I was sober it’s my memory we will be trusting). I haven’t decided about posting the picture yet. Not sure I want you all to know me that well.

Anyway – I have this really fabulous cold that causes pieces of my brain to come flying out of my nose when I sneeze – however I did get the best sleep last night – I slept like a rock. It is the first time I remember dreaming in a few days (some crazy dream nothing exciting just weird). So all in all everything is peachy keen.


Anonymous said...

Well the flashing was definitly after i left. Damn and i missed it. Note to self- stay loooonger next time. Glad you have found your "happy place" again. Also for the record the cold is not from me. I never blew out pieces of my brain when i blew my nose. So there (sticking tongue out at you)but i do hope you feel better soon. Cold drugs are great!!!!!

Anonymous said...

flashing, and tongues, and drugs, oh my!