Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Episode LXXXXIII: “Fantastic! – NOT!”

OK so this is what has happen since I last posted on my birthday.

Thursday night: Melissa was my designated driver took some shots before leaving the house. Got to Kootz at about 8:00, got a BLT and saw some of the Big Show. Lance and Celeste showed up it was their anniversary so Lance proceeded to buy me drinks. Big Mike made me do a Blow Job shot off one of the Big Show regulars. I didn’t win the chance to spin but we hung out for a bit longer and went home at 11:30 and made it to bed by 1:00 am.

Friday: we ran some errands and got ready for the big night out. 7:30 found me inebriated at the hockey game – so much so that I actually threw a note over the glass to Cody Rudkowsky and Scott Kelman who were playing for the other team. No it did not contain my phone number. But it was funny. Then after the game we went to Platinum Jaxx and met up with Tammy, Heather, Tool and Kurt (they then disappeared off the face of the earth when Marcella, Melissa and I moved to Kootz at midnight. Dallas and his friend Brandon showed up later and we all hung out. At this point I wasn’t feeling well. NO it was not from the drinking so at 1:30 I told Melissa I wanted to go home. I went home and crawled into bed woke up late on Saturday morning and proceeded to suffer from the Black Plague as did Melissa.

Saturday: I think I might have gone downstairs and left my bed only long enough to take the dogs out.

Sunday: Replay of Saturday – I was becoming one with my bed and suffering a backache on top of everything else from being in bed so long.

Monday: Left the house for a total of an hour and a half to run to the doctor and the bank. But at least when I made it home I stayed downstairs curled up on the couch I sort of needed a change of scenery. Started to feel a little more human Monday night went to bed with every intention of going to work the next day.

Tuesday: Woke up to go to work was dizzy and aching all over and Hello Welcome back fever. Called in to work it just wasn’t happening but set up the blow up mattress right in the middle of the living room continued to sleep and watch TV went up stairs to bed that night and woke up this morning feeling better but still not great. Right now I just want to go home and go to bed.

So over all not my best birthday weekend ever. But hey at least I am another year older and wiser right!

Also I was able to color my hair and it is a light brown now so I am going to have to color it again to get to the dark brown I want. I think my blonde party days are over at least for now I am so broke I can’t afford it anyways plus it is winter time and I really crave nothing else but to relax and over all do nothing.

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Anonymous said...

We didnt disappear off the face of the earth, we just took longer at Platt. Actually, Tammy and Heather went in search of Big Macs, and I showed up at Koots about 1:45, so I just missed you.
By the way, your ass looked hot!