Thursday, January 10, 2008

Episode LXXXXIV: “The Cat Broke The Bank”

Seriously this is not like last time when the cat “Puddy” went outside and failed miserably at being a cat and came back home after gouging a nice tear in his stomach which required a emergency visit to the vet and 14 stitches costing me $450 to fix him up right again. (He was grounded to the house for almost two years after that little incident). However this is not a metaphor – he literally knocked my glass piggy bank off the table and on to the floor. So he quite literally Broke the Bank. He does not like being locked in the house but he’s not man enough to want to spend too much time outside in the cold. He is driving everyone crazy humans and dogs alike. He also has this thing with dragging my bras out of my dressing room and downstairs and then leaving them lying in the front room. I won’t tell you how many time I have come home with friends to find my lingerie right there for the world to see. It wouldn’t be so bad if I had hastily removed it or had it removed and it got deposited there because at least that would be fun. So in conclusion “FREE CAT TO GOOD HOME!”

Also since I was fond of that Piggy Bank – having decorated it myself a year ago when I was in Hawaii with Lexie and her parents. I might need to call upon Lexie’s mother for a new one. DAMN CAT!

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Alayna said...

lmao!! You always have the most interesting pets! AND you sound just like Mom. heheheeeee