Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Episode LXXXXVIII: “What’s Up Peeps!”

So this weekend was pretty dull for me. Melissa went out to the beer and barely festival got completely wasted and did not end up going to bed until 11:30 Saturday afternoon she was hanging out with Dallas and Brandon. She got two hours of sleep and then was up again. I vegged most of the weekend I did get up and dressed on Saturday night to go over to hang out with them at Dallas’s house. I got there at about 10 at night and even though I wasn’t drinking or anything I was asleep on his couch by 11:30 I woke up at and we left at 2 am Sunday. Went home and then got up at 10:30 ran some errands and then Jessy came over and we were going to cook dinner and watch the Packer/Giants game – GO GIANTS! Then I got a cryptic phone call from Sam (my old roommate) wanting to know what I was doing for the next hour I said laundry and watching TV. He told me he would be at the house in 3 minutes and I was to get in the car. That was weird but I was ready and waiting when he pulled up. I sped the ten minute car ride in a little bit of fear because he wouldn’t tell me where we were going and asked if I didn’t trust him. I told him I did trust him – “to launch me out of a trebuchet”. Well it turns out he was bored and just wanted someone to play putt putt golf with so we played a game and actually ended up tying it up BUT I DID GET A HOLE IN ONE – GRANDPA WOULD BE SO PROUD! So I got another point Sam = 24, Keri = 526. Anyway we went back to the house and the four of us (Melissa, Sam, Jessy and I) watched the rest of the football game I was the only one rooting for the Giants which made it even more fun when they won.

Last night I dressed up Yoda (see picture below)!

Super bowl – Giant vs. Patriots (I will be rooting for the Patriots but they have won the super bowl before so I won’t mind if the Giants win I think I will end up rooting for whoever everyone else is rooting against). Its way more fun that way!

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BlondeBombshellBlog said...

Oh my gosh, don't traumatize the poor animals. I mean, we didn't dress Pucky up like that. And is Yoda a boy (I'm assuming), you might be influencing his sexuality here...