Friday, January 11, 2008

Episode LXXXXV: “EXTRA, EXTRA – Read All About It!”

“Rainbow Bright Brained In Horrific Shower Trauma”

OK so my hair had turned out to light so I wanted to make it go darker so Melissa bought me more hair color. It is a color I have used before I just couldn’t remember when. So we went home and she put it on my head and I waited then went to take a shower. As I was rinsing my hair my shower nozzle attacked me nearly knocking me out. Then I get out and dry my hair so I can see it – let’s put it this way even wet I could see the red. OK so not really the dark brown color I was going for I dry it and go down stairs to tell Melissa that I am officially Rainbow Bright. She says it looks more like Mahogany which she is probably right but I did not want this much red in my hair. So once I get some money again I am going to go back and try and find a dark brown.

I actually like this color but I am not sure that I am in the mood for this color at this time. I don’t know I might get use to it – maybe I will take a census.

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